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WSV is a Non Profit Veterans  Association 501 c 19.  (Now MN Charity Registered) Dedicated to providing not only support for veterans and active military, but also community services that enhance the quality of life.

Logo / Emblem

Our Logo:  The emblem of the West Side Veterans Association is in the shape of a triangle encompassed by the following colors. The incorporated colors are: Green, representing Young New Patriots. The Silver Chevron, representing all branches of the military service of the United States. Black, representing the heavy hearts possessed for those who gave their lives and for those that are considered missing in action or prisoners of war.

The emblem/logo used by the West Side Veterans Association is the sole property of the WSVA. The WSVA patch and logo cannot be reproduced without license from the BOD.

We are:

WSV is a community based veterans association located in our community of St. Paul. (Now MN Charity Registered)


A. Serving or have served in the U.S. Armed Forces (Active, Guard or Reserves).

B. Cadet (College ROTC / Service Academy).

C. Spouse, Widow(er), Lineal Descendant.

* $Dues are Waived this year.. 

Support Members:

A. Of good character.

B. Must support the efforts of ALL  branches of the United States of Americas Armed Forces and the West Side Veterans Association.

C. Will have no vote in WSVA business.

D. Cannot hold a position on the BOD.

E. Annual Dues will be assessed by WSVA. 

* $Dues are waived this year.



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Email contact:

West Side Veterans Association

P.O. Box 7112 St. Paul, MN.55107



Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: by appt.

Sunday: by appt.